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Welcome to the new blog + resource center!

Our new blog serves as a centralized location for all of our brewing and testing resources!

Lab Notes

Some things just don't fit into a category, and that's where lab notes come in! This is a place where you'll find everything that isn't under lab methods, research, or fact sheets! 

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets will get you up to speed on what you need to know about important QC parameters!


Our testing packages deliver a suite of product metrics to establish a baseline for your product. From the fundamentals of our Pico Package to the comprehensive Mega Package, these services provide valuable data at a reduced rate.

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Lab Methods

Learn new QC methods that you can add to your lab program today! 

All Blog Posts

Learn all about QC here in our blog posts! We've got everything from how to perform lab tests, cool research important to the industry, and tips and tricks to help your QC efforts.