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Meet the QC2 Students: Cass Riley

Meet one of our amazing undergraduates who runs many of the tests that brewers order! Cass is a biochemistry major who joined the lab to build her laboratory experience.

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We interviewed our laboratory assistant, and USM undergraduate, Cass, to see why the QC2 lab was a good fit for educational experience. Here's what she had to say!

What is your major at USM?

Biochemistry changed from Biology

When are you planning on graduating?

May 2022

What are your goals after graduation?

My goals after I graduate are to work in a lab setting for 5 years and build my experience to eventually go to graduate school for pharmaceutical or food science. 

Why did you want to work in the QC2 lab? How does this work add to your educational experience? 

I wanted to work in the QC2 lab because it was the perfect combination of actual work experience but also allowed me room to make mistakes and be mentored. This work adds to my educational experience by exposing me to things I learn in class and how to actually perform them in a professional setting. 

What do you do in the lab? What’s your main job? Project? Expertise?

In the lab I work on the testing side of QC2 under the supervision of out Lab Coordinator, Sam. I am mostly responsible for running ABV tests on the alcolyzer, performing IBU and color on the spectrophotometer, and packing HLP kits. I hope to explore the research side of the lab later in my QC2 career. 

What is the hardest thing you’ve done in the lab?

The hardest thing I’ve done in the lab is learning proper aseptic technique while making HLP kits. I had to do extra practice pipetting and be very attentive to what I was doing. 

What is the most fun thing you’ve done in the lab so far? 

The most fun thing I’ve done in lab so far is learning IBU and the complexities that can impact the bitterness reading. 

What do you hope to learn next in the lab?

I want to learn more about the ELISA test and PCR. 

Students like Cass are what make the QC2 lab a unique testing lab. The tests brewers order help support this unique learning experience for our students. If you'd like to support the QC2 lab please consider donating so we can offer more of these opportunities.

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