QC2 101: Building Your QC Lab

How do you go about starting to set up a QC lab and then expanding it? We know each brewery is different and you all have different sized and shaped spaces to dedicate to QC. In this webinar we will talk about what you do with just a table in a brewery up to a full out lab in a small brewery. Joining us for this webinar are the QC managers at Austin Street Brewery, Lisa Kellndorfer, and at von Trapp Brewery, Jack Van Paepeghem. They will share their experiences building their programs and offer advice to how to set a lab up.

Jack Van Paepegham
von Trapp Brewing
Stowe, VT
Lisa Kellndorfer
Austin Street Brewery
Portland, ME

Jack Van Paepeghem is the Quality Manager at von Trapp Brewing located in Stowe, Vermont. Prior to moving to Vermont, he established and oversaw the quality program at Oxbow Brewing Company in Newcastle and Portland, Maine. He obtained an International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy and currently has an Advanced Certification from the Cicerone Program.

Lisa Kellndorfer is the Production Manager and Director of QC at Austin Street Brewery. She studied Biochemistry at Boston University and tried working in academic research labs before joining Austin Street Brewery in 2016. She had never brewed beer before but quickly realized beer production was the perfect combination of fun and science that she'd been looking for. With a tight budget and even smaller space, Lisa started a QC program for the brewery. Five years later, they're still using a lot of the same methods that they started with and feel their dedication to quality has led to their success. Lisa is excited to share how to inspire a culture of quality within your brewery and how to start your own program with little to no resources.

Luci Benedict
Quality Control Collaboratory
Portland, ME

Luci Benedict has been a professor of chemistry at theUniversity of Southern Maine (USM) since 2007. In 2016 she founded the QualityControl Colaboratory (QC2 Lab) at the USM. The QC2 lab is a unique laboratorydevoted to supporting both craft brewers and USM’s undergraduates. The lab supportscraft brewers by providing analytical and microbial testing services, educationon starting and growing a laboratory QC program, and research. All of theservices and research done by the QC2 lab is supported by our trainedundergraduates, providing our students with an engaging research and laboratoryexperience.