QC2 Webinar: Quality Labs for Small Brewers with Merritt Waldron

On November 10th from 4:00 - 5:00 pm, the Quality Control Collaboratory, will host a webinar with Merritt Waldron about his new book "Quality Labs for Small Brewers: Building a Foundation for Great Beer." We'll discuss Merritt's many years of experience developing quality programs in breweries, his advice for brewers starting a quality program, and what inspired him to write this book. Register now to save your spot and join us for this great event!

Here's a little more on our speaker...

Merritt Waldron is the author of Quality Labs for Small Brewers: Building a Foundation for Great Beer. Combining his passion for science and craft beer, Merritt has established proven quality programs at several craft breweries in Maine. Merritt holds a degree in physics from the University of Southern Maine. He is highly active in the brewing community and speaks about quality at the Craft Brewers Conference, MBAA district meetings, various Brewers Guild Organizations and local universities. Merritt is currently Quality Director at Baxter Brewing Co. and resides with his wife in Portland, Maine.

Check out Merritt's Book here.