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ABV + VDK Subscription

$ 350.00 
 per month
Submit up to five samples for ABV testing and up to five samples for VDK testing every month for $350.00 per month.
5, 10, or unlimited tests per month
6, 12, or 24 tests per month
Drop off during business hours or ship anytime
Turn around time: 
4-5 days
Cancel at any time

ABV + VDK Subscription

$ 350.00 
$ 350.00 
5 per month
$ 350.00 
/ month
Save $
Whether testing new experimental products or monitoring flagship classics, an ABV and VDK subscription provides meaningful data for your quality control program. Our subscriptions come in three sizes (5, 10, or unlimited samples for ABV testing and for VDK testing per month). Select the plan that's right for you knowing you can change your plan anytime to accommodate your production schedule.
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Because this purchase is a subscription service, we require separate payment through PayPal's subscription checkout. This will open in a new window upon proceeding.
  • Material
  • Required Sample Volume
    2 cans or bottles
  • ASBC Method
    Beer-4G + Beer-25F
  • Turn-around time
    4-5 days
* Cancel or change subscription at any time. Subscription includes data storage via Google. Suite that can be accessed any time and will be updated in real time. Pricing is good for one year (12 consecutive months). No refunds will be issued for unused subscriptions.

*To cancel or change plan, email; customers will be invoiced for testing services performed for that month in excess of allotment.
Samples may be dropped off or shipped to the lab any time during the month. Please submit 2 cans/bottles of each finished product to be tested. If sending product prior to packaging is required, please contact the lab. Vials for ABV testing can be provided upon request.