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Craft Beverage
Testing and Education

The University of Southern Maine's Quality Control Collaboratory (QC2), in partnership with the Maine Brewers' Guild, provides state-of-the-art laboratory analysis and testing for breweries and hop yards.

Laboratory Beverage Testing

Analytical chemistry is the art and science of using instrumentation and methods to separate, identify, and quantify matter - in our lab, we take this branch of chemistry and apply it to craft beverages.

Beer Testing

Use our individual analytical beer testing options to assure the same quality product for your customers every time.

Fermented Beverage Testing

We also offer a selection of analytical testing for other types of fermented beverages such as kombucha and wine.

Analytical Panels + Packages

Looking for several tests for your product? We currently offer several analytical testing packages that provide a full picture of your product.

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Quality Control Testing Education

Ready to take the next step from sending out samples to learning what goes inside the lab? We currently offer a selection of testing and subject matter workshops for enthusiasts and working professionals alike. Learn more by visiting our page on education.


Our one day workshops range in subject from establishing an in-house Q/A program to learning the specifics about disease and containmination.


The QC2 team is working to create a library of educational material focused on quality control and quality assurance in the craft beverage industry.


We're working on a series of video based, eLearning courses on subjects relating to quality assurance, establishing in-house protocols and granular subjects in the realm of analytical chemistry. Stay tuned!


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A brief breakdown of how our order fulfillment works


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Select the desired analytical test for your beverage and complete the checkout process


Ship or Drop Off

Follow the shipping or drop off instructions for your 12oz product sample provided in the purchase email confirmation


Get Results

Once testing has been completed, we will send an email with your test results.

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Educational Programs

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